The Complete Dictionary of Forex (part 2)

Candlesticks, candle holders
A type of graph that indicates the range of transactions in a currency/action. It contains information about the opening price, high, lowest and closures. If the closing price is higher than the opening price, then this type of spark plug is empty, otherwise, that if the closing price is lower than the opening price (the price below) will then contain the candle. This first analysis model introduced by commodities of traders in Japan at the beginning of the 18th century.

Central Bank
A State-owned bank which is responsible for managing the monetary policy of the country is concerned. For example, in the United States, booking call federal, the Bank of Indonesia in Indonesia.

A person who uses charts and graphs, as well as the interpretation of the historical trend of price movements / data to determine trends and make predictions in the future. He often referred to as a broker of technical
Choice of one of the conditions of the market in which there is no difference in market price. All buyers and sellers of pointing at the same price.

some the term on the forex must knowing by trader

The establishment of a process of transaction

Closed position
Closing positions is done after the inauguration takes place. When you open a buy position is its closure is a sale, and vice versa.

Some trends for the security of a loan or a guarantee of the execution.

Amount of the fee charged by a broker for the investor.

Form of confirmation in the form of records and documents that indicate the beginning of an agreement have been counterparty or components related to quantity, unit and time of the transaction takes place.

The standard unit of trading. Usually as a minimum unit of the contract transactions.

One or more counterparty in a financial transaction.

Country risk
Risk means the track main comes from operation is carried out, including an examination of the legal and political in a situation in the region.

Cross rates
The exchange rate between the currencies of one or several that are not converted into a standard landmark of a country where the currency is exchanged. It is an example, in Indonesia or in the United States, any currency of EUR/JPY is considered a cross transaction rate where for the Euro zone and Japan, is called the second currency quoted major currencies.

The coin is certified by a State that is controlled by the Central Bank and used as a tool of the State are of official reports.

Exchange rate risk
Opportunities the risk that a price can be change in the current or future.

Currency symbol
An abbreviation for a country's currency. For example: AUD-Australia dollars. CAD Canada dollars. EUR-Euro; JPY - Japan Yen; GBP-pound sterling United Kingdom; CHF Switzerland francs, Currency codes is determined by the International Organization for Standardization ISO 4000.

Day trading
Refers to a specific financial transaction positions are open and not closed the same day (to the next).

A negative condition in a trade balance and financing.

Decrease in the value of the currency of one country against another country due to the pressures of the market.

The contract trades that can fluctuate in value according to the evolution of the price or time. The most common example is the type of contract stocks and forex.
The devaluation of the
Decrease the value of the rate of change, usually for the official announcement.

The exchange rate of the European Monetary Union (EMU), the United States of Europe.

The European Monetary Union (EMU)
It is the United States of Europe. The main objective of the creation of the Guild is to change the single European countries called Euro replaced the currencies of the countries respective members. The transition has begun in 1999 and to late 2002, established in the countries EMU members of the Euro only. A member of the EMU are Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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