The Complete Dictionary of Forex (part 1)

All the bookkeeping records concerning various transaction over a client, including credit or debit balance, floating loss/profit and value the real book.

Account Balance
The last account balance.

Account Statement
Periodic reports that describe the status of the various transactions to buy/sell a client.

Strengthening a currency or stocks, the result of a positive response or deman higher than market participants.

The purchase or sale of shares/currency/precious metals/bonds/or other commodities from one market to another market which is separate but related. Opportunities of arbitrage occurs when two companies planned to merge or when a currency contract traded on another type of market, in order to get the balance of the value of the spot foreign exchange or via a cross rate.

Arbitrage Bond
Minisipal bonds are issued with the aim to fund higher yield bonds birthday before the bonds can be redeemed. For the benefit of interest rates, the Fund is invested in a new publication of results securities-securities specific bonds redemption date until it arrived.

Arithmatic Investing
The investment method reduces the risks facing investors by means of estimating the level of profit throughout the particular period of time.

Ask Price
The bid contract a currency sales/stock.

Everything that is owned by a company or individual, from the start of the building, equipment, and intangible assets such as patents and reputation.

Asset Allocation
Allocation of investments in different assets in order to achieve certain objectives such as risk level, the level of benefits, and the potential appreciation.

Asset Play
A securities/stocks are interesting, because its market price doesn't reflect the value of the assets of his company.

Asset Valuation
The estimated value of an asset on which to base the imposition of taxes.

At a Discount
The securities were sold at a price below par value.

At a Premium
The securities were sold at a price above par value.

At Best
Orders to buy securities at the best price available.

At Market
Orders to buy securities/currencies as soon as it appeared on the market at the best price.

At Risk
The possibility of loss. Investors in a limited partnership (limited partnership) can receive a tax deduction if the level of profit on their investment is not guaranteed.

At The Money
The option is a put or a call his exercise price equal to the market value of a currency/securities underlying the option. The term is also intended for the customer that takes an option exercise prices that have profit from the strike price but if the cost is reduced by the premium that had been issued as a result of zero.

Back Dating
Writing the date on a check or other documents, where this date is earlier than the date of actual withdrawal. Also an investor who holds a certificate of the Fund was not originally signed a letter of intent (LoI), can sign the LoI in the 90 days since the date of purchase of the mutual fund.

Back Office
Department or Division that is responsible for processing a wide range of matters concerning financial transactions outside of Department MBM. Usually consists of the settlement, accounting, finance.

Balance Budget
A balanced budget. Expectations expectations equal acceptance of expenditure during a particular period.

Balance of Payment
The balance of payments. The balance sheet records all international financial transactions a country on the basis of double-entry bookkeeping. The components of the balance of payments is the balance sheet ' (the import and export of goods and services), the balance of capital (investment mobility), and the balance of gold (gold owned mobility). Surpluses and deficits are meant in a different account.

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