Trading Tricks Without Predictions and Signal

This trick is a way of trading with the pending order type Stop at 1 pair with the same large order value (e.g. pair GBP/USD with each Quantity 1000), usually a good enough start to be done in the morning around 5-6 am EST when the market has not moved, for instance for the pair GBP/USD bid: 1.9420 position and offer: sbb: how 1.9425
  • Make pending ordertype "BuyStop"around 15pips above theofferorat:1.9440
  • Create pending orders "Stop Sell" around 15 pips below the Bid or at: 1.9405
After this you can just wait for the market to move, if the price moves up or down one of your order will be achieved and there are 2 possibilities that may occur are:

1. If the price moves up straight e.g. keep/turun keep it one of your order will be active. If the price moves up continuously, then the pending order "Buy Stop" you will be active, and when it's profit could you close, then immediately cancel (Cancel) the pending order Sell stop "you". Conversely, if the price goes down, then continue to "sell stop" you will be active and you can profit when it is close. Immediately cancel the pending order "Buy stop" you. to order early in the day can usually close at around 8-9 am.

2. The second possibility if the price moves up and down so that the two active then your pending order will be minus (-40 pips) and posisiorder you opposite directions (Hedging), this position will secure any let prices move for if profit order 1 then another order would be minus and vice versa.If it happens like this, you have to wait until the market moves far enough to penetrate one of the orders. for example, if the price has gone up quite large and saturated/no sign of going down then you can "Buy" order close already profit, and then wait for the order to "Sell" you to decrease minusnya and in close. the important thing is to minimize the value minus/loss/loss to be as small as possible. For cases like this we can wait till afternoon or night could close.
For all of you who are interested please try, and good tips that I give useful and give you a lot of profit in your forex trading.

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