The Secret Key to Lasting Wealth and Achievement

In these desperate and trying times, who do you turn to when things go wrong? A world that sometimes seems so cruel and unkind with no one reaching out to help you through your deepest and darkest black hole. You are alone and hollow. Your tears have run dry.

How horrendous this is when this happens to you and your life becomes a desperate nightmare!
Fortunately for people who have lost hope, there are hands that reach out and make it their advocacy to give back the love for life. These are the philanthropists whose desire is to make this world a better place to live in by supporting charitable causes or creating a charitable foundation themselves.

Philanthropy is an innate desire to improve the social, economic and spiritual well being of humankind.
Philanthropy is not only for the rich and powerful, it's for everyone to learn and master, this is becoming and truly being a person who is selfless and has known his purpose in life. Everyone has the ability to help someone even in a small way such as letting an old woman go to the front of the line in the bank or giving a coin to a street child who stands hungrily watching people entering a fast food franchise.

Men and women differ in their perspective when it comes to giving or donating. Studies shows that men tend to give to have a building named after them, pressure from office or peers or get a seat on a board of directors and women on the other hand give to make a difference, pass on family tradition and give back to community. Well, it might seem that the women have humanitarian reasons while the men have utilitarian views.

Whatever reason we might have in giving doesn't really matter as long as we give and try to make a difference to alleviate the plight of the world.

Just put in mind the principles of powerful philanthropy which are: financially educate yourself, put your finances in order (spend less, save more, invest wisely and give generously), right mind set (you are a philanthropist!), think of your legacy you will leave in this world, consult professionals when giving donations and make it a family affair to teach your kids the values of giving and helping make this world a better place to live in.

Being a philanthropist does not necessarily mean you are a big spender, so better be thrifty and be wise in making buying decisions so you could save more. Most importantly is how to invest wisely and create wealth and affluence that offer an ideal lifestyle for yourself as well as enabling you to make contributions to worthy causes. In our Forex trading community many entrepreneurs have expressed the desire to use their knowledge and skill in currency trading to contribute something worthwhile and meaningful to others less fortunate. Having a strong vision and reason "why" behind your business activity gives tangible life and power to your efforts. Many success gurus insist that tithing and giving to charity is the secret key to long term success and wealth.

Having read this article, you may want to become a part of the ranks of top philanthropists (named by Chronicle of Phlanthropy in 2009) like Stanley and Fiona Druckenmiller (donated $705 million), John Templeton (donated $573 million), Bill and Melinda Gates ($350 million), Michael Bloomberg ($254 million donated), and Louise Dieterle Nippert ($158 million donated). One thing is for certain. And that is that when you give you will feel like your life has a greater purpose and you will definitely feel happier, uplifted and inspired.

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