Mobile Phone Forex Trading

Forex Trading On Mobile Phone / Smart Phone.
Due to the development and the increasing number of users of smartphones and iPhones, there are many traders who decide to use these new technological gadgets to invest in financial markets.

I. The advantages of mobile trading.
One of the main advantages of mobile trading is to allow traders to have real time access to their account. You can always call your broker to place orders or trade as usual in front of your computer screen but you can also, via the phone, know exactly what is happening on the market to make fully informed decisions for your trades. Evolution of exchange rates is in the space of just a few minutes so you must be able to see real-time trends, predict possible to place orders. While logged in real time to market, you can substantially increase your earnings. Similarly, you can minimize your losses by closing your position quickly if it loses.

advantages of mobile trading is to allow traders to have real time access to their account

II. The platforms of online brokers.
With the rapid development in recent years Smart phones, online brokers have developed downloadable online platforms specifically for next-generation phones. These platforms are usually free and recover almost all original features. However, sometimes some platforms for Smart phones do not offer certain features or tools for practical reasons and techniques. Elles however, offer all the opportunity to access a demo account and a real account, according to the preferences of user. The latest platforms compatible with Smart phones, those of Etoro notably allows you to connect to the OpenBook or that of ACM is dedicated to the iPad.

III. The application "Forex On The Go".
Besides these different forex platforms developed by brokers, applications are becoming increasingly popular. The application "Forex On The Go" is mainly used for the iPhone users. This application allows you to monitor the foreign exchange market quotes in real time and monitor the economic calendar, see the pivot points of days or even display a multitude of graphs, except for some basic indicators such as Bollinger, moving averages or MACD. This application is available in two versions: - version "Lite" which is free - version "Premium", which is identical to the "Lite" with the difference that the ads present in the free version are deleted. Recently, the version "Lite" has been improved to include a button refraichisement snapshot of the course. Finally, shortly, the MT4 platform should be available on "Forex On The Go." To download this forex application, simply visit the iTunes Store. Within moments, the application is downloaded.

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