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There are approximately 50 fundamental news which could affect the movement of the currency trading. But not all the news affecting significantly. Some of them can make a radical movement coins. Others give rise to small ripples and there are no sufficient resources to make a commercial profit. News, this is important and are not important?

As this becomes an issue which is important if we want to be a trader each time and I do not know the season. When you create the article there are today about 10 news remarkably fundamental decisions concerning the interest on the variation in employment rates.

Reads a keyword, if we want to master the fundamental element in forex! To be able to understand an important knowledge or not actually experienced and fundamental. However, some Web sites are also those who are kind enough to provide a criterion for the news, if the news is not important, important or very important. Good happy if we got it.

News is not important, it is good to ignore it and is not connected with its operations altogether because only one influence negligible and trade merecoki us. But the news as the rate of change of interest and employment is dangerous to ignore it.

The other thing that should be considered is also the currency pair you trading. If you negotiate AUDUSD, then simply watch countries news alone. If appears the further increase in interest rates, but it is not the Canada Yes, there is no need to search. Ignore. However, for AUD also have to know what is happening with their neighbors who edged money New Zealand NZD (New Zealand) because they are very close and similar among them.

Good but the topic of the news that need my attention and which are not necessary?

Apart from websites of resume that you use, you need to understand the important news related to your business. We study it in the previous debate that the Publisher of the website forex news new signs anywhere not very influential, very influential or very influential against exchange rate fluctuations.

In addition, it was also noted that only the country in which its new currency your tradingkan that you should pay attention to. For example if you trade enough GBPUSD see news from these two countries of course. Although there are important news that comes out today, but is a new countries as the Canada, simply omitted.

But the previous two is often not enough. Some traders have problems related to the fundamental analysis due to lack of knowledge about the details of all the rumors which has developed the market and the news that appears. But don't worry, this article will help you to overcome these two things.

With regard to the first question. Distance and speed of the circulating rumors becomes important here. The problem is that we don't know what is happening with regard to the opinion of the whole of the market. The majority of forex transactions occur in foreign markets. During a massive buying or selling of rumors circulating and fundamental without news on controversies because I really didn't know what was happening. For this you need to access that can help us know information circulating on the market at a time where we negotiate. Sources of information that can accommodate to how the market at this time and must be quickly updated. Fortunately, if we use the platform of appreciation, he offered. If you put attention to the platform, there is a tab called "commentary" to the right of the platform is called FOREX Insider. This tab deals specifically of several "trinkets" trade in daily life such as how the market conditions at the time of these hours and rumores-rumores circulating at the time when he and news a., which does not seem too detailed and consuming of time, but is the benefit. This made news in insider Forex can be updated quickly approaching even in real time. This tab is different from daily analysis of Fx in other parts of the platform that addresses the forex news but is more complete. Because it is larger, then the update takes time. The image below shows the display of tabs in the Insider FOREX Forex platform. It is located on the right side of the platform.

There are many important information that can be obtained using this window of FOREX Insider. FOREX Insider sometimes showing action purchase or sale of a certain number of large banks that can affect the movement of the market. Or information about the problems of the United Kingdom inflation is on the rise at the time of the writing of this article are created. I hope that this privileged FOREX can help you in the negotiation and the issues highlighted in the market.

Well, now in what refers to the news that emerged and which are important and which are not, as discussed, the Web site can help unravel where punctuality is important and that did not exist. But it is better for you to be able to include additional information on the information that you need to check. For example, retail. The explanation in the submarine from the previous chapters, this indicator is important. But sales retail then you see? Why they up sales at retail if the currency? Well, if not already known, it is good to read in the future.

Learn Forex fundamental good article there are dozens of important or very important for you to learn. Everything in the Indonesian language to make it easy so you can learn. But to facilitate their current school, included here some economic news that you need to consult a brief description, as well as their effects on the currency. Remember that you will always find more information about fundamental analysis fundamental news section here.
1. Index earn on average (AEI or commonly called the average earnings only): economic news are usually issued by the United Kingdom and the Canada. AEI provides income information workers and their relationship with the inflation rate through other indicators called core CPI (retail price index). When AEI are growing faster than RPI, then this is an indication of increasing wages faster than the increase in the price of the goods. It is good for the economy of a country, but a bout of inflation is harmful.

In Forex, when inflation was rising and currencies tend to strengthen due to expectations of growth of the bonde. We can therefore conclude when AEI and rise in the currency will rise, also. AEI is indicative of high volatility expected.

2. Chicago PMI indicator: this is a fundamental specially issued by the United States. Chicago PMI (PMI or only) provides information up or down the levels of spending by the head of shopping in the city of Chicago, many of them are manufacturing industries. This indicator is an indication of the growing rise in USD currency. PMI is the indicator of expected volatility. Ah yes, the acronym of the PMI Purchasing Manager index

3. Price index to the consumer: the United Kingdom and United States are the countries most often experience the ups and downs of the currency due to the news of the ICC. The IPC is the inflation rate decisive indiakator at the point of consumption. The CPI is used to determine how the magnitude of the confidence of consumers in a month make a purchase. If the CPI increases then the currency of the country in question will also join up. CPI is an indicator of average volatility of the CPI calculation, but when it is made outside the food and energy sectors and then the ICC can be high volatility must be a fundamental indicator because the two sectors is changed often occasionally. Regular ICC is issued for the 13th day of each month at 7:30 (13 h 30 GMT).

4. Gross domestic product (GDP): almost everyone knows what the GDP. Bahasa Indonesian gross domestic product. GDP is one of the indicators of fundamental importance in the everyday life of our forex. If the GDP grows and then simply the currency will strengthen due to the production of a country also increases.

5. Money: this indicator measures three things: the amount of money in circulation in the community in the form of coins or paper, the amount of bank loans to the public and the number of changes in the value of the debt that was not paid by the Government. The increase in the money supply usually leads the stronger currency.

6. Non-farm Payroll: is one of the most anticipated by the news of more fundamental trader. Non farm payroll (issued by the United States) appears once a month on Friday of the first week. Agricultural non-nomina to measure the magnitude of the needs in the payment of wages out of the agricultural sector since the previous month. Increase in non-farm payrolls could lead to currency strengthened drastically in a division of tens to hundreds of points. Therefore non-profit they can be classified as an indicator of the expected very high volatility.

7. The index of prices for the producers (PPI): IPP is an indicator to measure the level of inflation as the CPI. That it is important that if the CPI was on the side of consumers, the PPI measures the rate of inflation from manufacturer. Rising prices of raw materials, transportation costs, and the various components of the production part of the calculation of the IPP. If you increase the PPI, it would strengthen the currency. Ordinary had issued by PPI the 11th of each month at 20 h 30 GMT (13 h 30 GMT). PPI is indicative of high expected voltility.

8. Sales: retail sales recorded a total sales of goods in the sector, but does not include the measurement of services is difficult. Retail sales is a good indicator to measure the level of consumer spending. Bil AEI (index win Averaga) generally increases in retail sales will also increase due to the increase of wages inevitably followed the increase in consumption. When the Forex retail sales will also increase in value. Retail sales have been issued on the 12th of each month at 7:30 (13 h 30 GMT).

9. Trade balance: the balance of trade is the difference between the value of exports less the value of imports from a country. Minus the value of imports showed a larger than its exports and vice versa if it is greater than the positive espor imports. Most of the countries that are developing or trade of developing countries had a negative trade Balance. Still in the money market, the positive value of the trade balance then reinforce the value of the currency of the country.

10. Manufacturing ISM (ISM - MI): Institute of supply management manufacturing index is an indicator of the most important fundamental indicators to measure the rate of manufacturing. Issued on the first day of the period of work for each month, the results of the ISM Sursee - MI is more than 20 manufacturing industries and involves 300 U.S. officials shopping. Read how substantially the same, if the ISM - my experience of course increase was the currency of the country is strengthened.

11. The confidence index (CCI): is an indicator that measures the level of trust in the research of consumption of 5 000 and his vision about the economic prospects in the future. DCI has issued every Tuesday at the end of the month at 22 h 00 GMT (15 h 00 GMT). When the ICC has increased means that consumer confidence is increasing in economic development and resulting in the currency could rise. ICC belongs to flag expected moderate volatility.

12. Rate of interest every month, central banks in each country are always established a policy of interest rates of the Central Bank as a reference point for other banks in the country. Their decision is up, down or stay. Rates of interest ultimately will determine the extent of the interest rates of deposits, credits, savings and a variety of other policies of Fragment-meminjam of the World Bank in this country. We can say that the interest rate is a final action by the Central Bank against different economic conditions that occur in the country.

These types of investments, including the instruments of the money market that is sensitive to changes in interest rates. Especially when there is a change in the rate of interest which is not predictable in advance by the market. Quite simply if there is an increase in interest rates, then you can tell us that the currency should rise dramatically and vice versa in the case of a decrease in the interest rates and weakening currencies would also suffer greatly. Most developed countries keep interest rates to inhibit the rate of terparkirnya to the funds of the Bank and not treatment by investing in the real world. On the other hand in developing countries it is usually that the Government prints too much money to finance development activities. Need for policies of interest rates are more competitive to attract much money circulating in the market for savings and fixed deposit rates are attractive.

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