7 Simple Steps to Push Yourself to Be an International Trader

I believe that many of us have well understood about the definition of International Trading. However, though many of us have well understood about what an international trading is, only a few dare to be an international trader. Lack of international language capability, lack of knowledge in international market, the concept that international market means big deals are the common reason why many of us still doubt or even afraid to be an international trader. Beside those reasons which are actually easy to be solved, international market offers us a very prospective market and of course promising profit.

Free Trade Area recently has become some kind of specter for local traders in some developing countries because many of them are afraid that they will loose all their market because of the invasion from foreign countries products. Actually, if local traders could change their mindset from fear to opportunity, they will gain more profit in international market rather than playing merely in domestic market. Products such as handicraft, fabrics, coconut oil, fishery products, Islamic clothes and many more have high demands in international market. Browse to internet and you will find out goods to trade and what countries need that.

international market offers us a very prospective market

In order to propel local trader to be an international trader, here I give a simple step-by-step guideline for you to follow if you are willing to be start your international trading.

1. International Trading Equals to Big Deal = False
If you are still thinking that international trading always a big deal, then change your mindset. Small scale trading also can be considered as international trading so long it is conducted across nations. Moreover, if you are new to international trading, starting from small scale of trading is recommended.

2. Prepare your Products and Make Products Catalogue
Choose what products to sell based on what international market wants. After that, make your product catalogue in which people are easily know exactly about your products from the detail mentioned in your catalogue. Because it is an international market which relates to distance, I recommend you to have a digital catalogue so you can easily send it to many prospectus buyer from countries through email.

3. Make Your Own Virtual Store or Virtual Office
Today there are many stores which are web-based stores such as eBay.com, Amazon.com, Alibaba.com. Web-based store means it only operates in online world. The number of people using internet around the globe are increasing year by year. To make other people from abroad easily know about your products, just make an online store and put the pictures of your products there. If you are unable to make the online store by yourself, there many web designers who offer a competitive price to make online store.

4. Define Your Market
Define precisely which market you want to play in. Is it in medium-low market or medium-high market? It is better if you can define more precisely the types of people who will be use for your products because it relates to your marketing strategy. Remember different segment means different treatment.

5. Prepare your Payment Device
I recommend you to have a credit card used globally. If you still have difficulties in making a credit card used globally, there other options for international payment such as PayPal or else. Browse to internet for detail of those payment products.

6. Prepare Your Shipping Methods
Make sure that you choose well known international courier companies and you mention that in your website. This is to convince your customer about the shipping of your products to their hand.

7. Marketing Option
The easiest and cheapest way to market your products globally is by put your ads in social-media network such as Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, and many others. You don't have to worry about the result since many companies from small to big are satisfied with the revenue from their ads in social media network.

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