The Basics of Success in Learning Forex

All those of you who have read that article, never heard of the information on the internet or other sources, which is called the Forex to give promises that pompous, like for example Learn forex is easy and in a short time can can produce great benefits for all.

In this article, I want to share my experiences, and in the previous sentence, I have to say that it is of course true, who can surely benefit above average in the carry trade, although there is only change small price with a pair or pairs, you can give great benefits. This often obscure risks in Forex trading.

You have the advantage of course can, but it will build a commercial system to regulate how much objective benefits and limitation of its loss.

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The declaration that one can learn forex trading quickly in a simple way is a myth in my eyes. In fact, more than people who testified on their success over his failure, but is sometimes more about the fate of his analysis is correct. Don't get me wrong, you do not deny that anyone can succeed, because the stock or currency trading there are only two; the increase or decrease of the price, if you get 50 / 50 in comparison.

I also believe that in Forex is simple, so open an account through the corridors and removing money is a bit like the initial capital. I bought a stock CFD, commodities like oil or gold and then started trying to forex with the EUR/USD pair and succeeded at this time. My capital account has quadrupled in a little more than 2 weeks, I have a 400% gain and I think that "the benefit here is easy! Stupidly, I immediately started early! "I think that if I keep more equity in my account, it would be a great advantage to get. Then more funds on the trading account, deposit the first week who walk like what I expected, but once my hope shattered as well as capital that I started to run. Financial markets change and against the position I took. Even when I started I realized this is not as easy as I think and I started to find out what really happened in the Forex.

If I have done something different? Why the market has reacted in this way? What escapes my remarks? It is possible that my transaction has been controlled and manipulated by broker prices? This way of thinking that I started to find the clamp and the forums, the results suggest that the two pursued all my thinking is wrong.

I learned that if you want to participate as detailing small investor, you must take into account the fact that many people involved in the foreign exchange market. We have the basics of technical analysis forex to find the right time to make a transaction. Here is the answer to my question above.

In my experience, it is very likely that the benefit of trading in foreign currency or foreign currency, but it was not easy to succeed in forex trading, you should have a basic knowledge of the discipline and attitude in the observation of the activity of the market.

I wrote this article in the blog of my Forex learning so you know the positive and negative points of Forex trading. Articles and advice on this blog, I hope that your knowledge of forex trading increases. If the errors I did role of experience also although do not commit the same mistakes. Experienced, he creates knowing that not only in theory, also provides an overview for those of you who before diving into the world of Commerce, to prepare in advance for example with the use of a demo account to test the theory to the practice of the profession of knowledge.
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