Some Things are Right and Wrong in The Investment

If all the investments would give an advantage? Of course not. The fact is that we are not black and white area where everything is clearly visible to the theory taught in the book. We would be in a world of colour grey which are often external factors can cause shocks shocks in our investments.

Here are some truths and lies in the investment. For even more interesting, I'll review lies first and foremost before finally finishing with reasonable truth:

1. in first of all the lie: there are the kinds of investments that would benefit if we join it

It is a big lie that it is not ethical marketing exhaled by investment (which is not ethical) companies to pursue a number of funds coming into the company.

Please note that none of the investment that can give you the guarantee that you are certainly lucky if they are still inside. Not even also saving (which in fact is no longer eligible as investment due to the increase in prices is usually greater than the savings from interest) or banks deposits.

All the investment risk. It includes products that makes small flower Bank Mandava. Would what happens if the bank where they planted their funds and then in bankruptcy while the Fund is not guaranteed that the Central Government? Of course, it can happen. So please keep in mind that there is no certainty of 100% profit when you decide to invest.

The truth: the investment usually follows the existing standard of risk comparison against profitability. This means that most of the profit and then more risks that may arise. And vice versa, if you choose a low investment risk and return then that it is able to offer limited. Although the investment is a bit ridiculous (which is not recommended to follow), i.e. low risk of high efficiency.

some things are right and wrong about investment

2. the second lie: investment only for people who have money

This is true, but 10 years ago. At that time investment is that mainly, the financial sector is still new in the community. But not so with investment in the sector today.

This is due to the lack of knowledge at the disposal of the investment firm. Not to mention the image formed several years earlier had been marked private financial investment is. But once the investment is still evolving and growing in popularity. We also learn.

The truth: some competitors registered investment of detail very and almost the same as the economy of the capital takes only about 100 thousand dollars only.

Same forex trading which was called as investment instruments for the super rich (big kids) are more because she was very detail. Compared with 10 years ago, where the financing must be at least $10 000.

3. in the third place are: investing only for researchers, because it is difficult and confusing

The fact. It is not true at all. Even in the investment in another way, it is not like applying for a job and need a variety of academic and experience to be accepted. Whoever you are, you can begin to invest and not annoying. In addition, the investment is not only for smart people. Some of my clients in the Global Futures investment (which is still called the most complicated investments) is the mother - the woman in the home and students.

The Truth: Some models of investment can send funds to an administrator who can handle their funds professionally and you simply can only accept the result. If you want a maximum score, once again, of course, he has to lend a hand to manage themselves (active investors). It is not as difficult as many people imagine. Understand the existing instruments of analysis, financial arrangements and their psychological effects, it can already become a manager of an investment for yourself.

4. the fourth lie: is difficult to invest in the financial sector if you live in a remote village

If it is still the Decade of 1980 are in fact Yes. But the current period in the region and the country is no longer a limit for investment in bonds. The world is connected through a network of banking by internet and the era of globalization. Do you have any material created by the author only through a computer in the bedroom by sitting on top of the padded mattress comfort even this school? With the maximum comfort in the home school programs has been appreciated by thousands of people anywhere. Remote control is "something" is isolated in the real sector. But this does not mean that the financial sector. Yesterday the remote control in fact, but then there is no Internet and phone then their world is more isolated. Blessed!

The truth: why you should think about limiting distance it invest U.S.? All banking institutions are in place and do not have a phone internet financial network investment by the sector need to go to the offices of brokers or securities where to invest. Make sure that the office where you originally wanted to invest is official and the local government have permission (not necessarily in Indonesia). The rest, the enema by phone and by email! Even foreign brokerage firm is at the service of opening account forex from different countries in the world providing an online registration form.

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