100% Of the Profit Strategies And How to Avoid Losses

100% of the profit strategies and how to avoid losses

First of all, we can distinguish a victory 100% with a 100% profit. When we measure the accuracy, certainly no such thing as a variable time. It is the time interval required to calculate the amount of data in a calculation.

If Yes, because every transaction, have the opportunity to win or lose, then the length of the time span for counting data, additional possible also on the scope of our transactions are lost. If the length of the epoch of the accuracy of his victory becomes smaller.

Therefore, the conclusion in a certain period of time, allowing that any strategy that this transaction is 100% victory. For a 100% gain, we must focus on the quality of the analysis.

Strategies that are 100% profit?
Even as the winner of the 100% of the policy, in particular period of time, should be a strategy that can generate profits. This means that this strategy is not too focused on each of his victory, but rather focused at the end of the final result.

100% profit strategy that places more emphasis on managing the money.

I have a strategy which, in 1 week 100% up to $100.
Note that the function is that simply strategy ensures weekly or 100% of earnings of $100. So no matter what percentage of his victory, which is important every week for the benefit of $100.

So that it could have been my policy governs content as well:
1. the entry point using the analysis of cross golden mi
2 target each transaction is 10 points
3. any transaction is 0.1 lots, so the benefit of every transaction of $10
4. If my transaction is lost, the next transaction using the martingale system.
5. once the results of transactions in the week already achieved revenue of $100. I stopped trading until next week.
6. the next step is the discipline of the application of the rules of the game strategy.

In the previous example, we now know that the forex gain 100% strategy exists, only their time restrictions to use this strategy. And you can invent your own strategy.

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